Traffic Accident

Any type of automobile accident is upsetting. You may feel concern for yourself, your loved ones and even another party involved in the crash. Your car might be completely destroyed. What if, however, your injury was not really accidental in any respect, but in fact was actually a staged collision? According to Triple A, tens of thousands of automobile accidents in the U.S. annually occur that are installed only so fraudulent insurance claims can be submitted. Occasionally an accident is no collision, but how can you know?

Car crashes happen everyday and for a variety of reasons, but a cruel and calculating trend is occurring by offenders who target and set up scenarios which bring about auto accidents. A number of these can be minor, but as with any sort of crash, there could be severe or even fatal accidents involved. The pain and trauma experienced are equally real having an inadvertent, or “actual” accident, much like a staged collision.

Be aware and be careful no matter what you drive, and where you’re. A specific goal which these criminals watch out for are solo motorists that are in a costly luxury automobile. The premise is that there are a good deal of insurance money which might be offered in a settlement. Be very cautious if you’re sideswiped, or somebody drove quickly before you and then ceased, causing you to back end to them and needing a injury lawyer chicago.

What Should You Do if You’re Involved in an Accident You think May Are staged?

If it’s a minor incident, such as a simple fender bender, get your car to the side of the street, from traffic. Don’t become confrontational or accuse another driver. Make certain to get the license plate number of the vehicle involved. Be certain to take pictures of all of the vehicles involved. Get witness statements and names and contact information also. But be very wary if a “witness” suddenly seems who suggests you go right away to some specific Dr. or attorney. This may be a part of this scam, and they could actually be a part of the staged crash team.

If you need help with what you might believe is a staged crash, contact a professional and qualified personal injury lawyer, but not one advocated by the others involved in this circumstance. Find the best advice you can, and you won’t be the victim any longer of this intentional car crash and you will need an auto accident attorney Chicago.


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